Some Houston Emergency Rooms are Low on Doctors

Healthcare staffing expert Ivette Palomeque says it's all due to cost-cutting out-sourcing. "ER outsourcing is prevalent including here in Houston. It's a fast-growing trend that has increased over the past several years." Palomeque warns that it's hurting staff as well as patients. "The mode of operation of out-sourcing ultimately is to cut costs and trim spending. Does it affect patient care in a negative way? It does! Because there are fewer physicians in the Emergency Room!"

Few Hospitals Complying with Price Transparency Rules

Palomeque reminds us this isn't good news. "Once the doctors become employees of the firms [that run the out-sourcing] and not the hospitals, and the firms are not providing enough physicians that they are supposed to - of course the patient and the patient family suffer!"

She continues saying in some cases Physicians Assistants and Nurse Practitioners take over procedures that would otherwise be performed by physicians.

Fewer doctors also means longer wait times! She says the hospital is saving money - but not so the patient!


Female doctor in hospital preparing for surgery.

Fewer Doctors in Emergency Rooms due to out sourcing.Photo: Getty Images

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