It's a First Ever for TV Watchers!

It's a First. More American adults are watching streaming entertainment than traditional TV. Marketing Expert Jonathan Ogle of The Infinite Agency sees it every day. "We're seeing the numbers that are continuing to climb - now over 50% of the market!" Netflix and YouTube are the current leaders...and Ogle says they are aggressively taking over. "If you look at YouTube --- I believe they paid $2,000,000,000 (2 billion dollars) to have the NFL streaming on the YouTube channel."

With more Americans being entertained with streaming channels than traditional TV, Ogle says it's no surprise. "It gives the customer the ability to choose what they want to watch and when VS waiting to watch your best shows and suffering through commercials!" Ogle predicts TV is not going to fade away in the sunset - but will have to step up. "They will need to create unique content and unique programming."

Honey, Where's the TV Set?

Others are emphasizing the delivery of channels like TikTok or Netflix can be seen on a variety of devices from a phone to a big screen. He believes if traditional TV wants to keep those advertising dollars, they will have to come up with unique programming that gives viewers exactly what they want because streaming gives them that at exactly the time they want it!

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Netflix App on a Apple Tv

More Americans watch Streaming than Traditional TV.Photo: Getty Images

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