Your Ring Video Doorbell is handy, but could be giving away your secrets!

A home digital network is so handy but Cyber Security Expert Dr. Ed Peters says hackers love them too. Dr. Peters says that Digital Burglaries are when hackers virtually enter you household! We're talking everything from webcams and baby monitors. "Once they get into that part of your electronic life - they have the ability to take that to many extremes. It's usually taking control of your financial assets!!" Smart hackers could consider your home easy prey - and those remote cameras show them what you have. Here's some advice. "The first thing you should do is make sure EVERY device has a password on it you have personally attached to it. And - make sure you change that password at least every six months!"

A New Twist to an Old Phishing Scam

Dr. Peters says they're not too interested in your front doorbell - but what that technology can lead to. "Once they get inside your home network, that will allow them to 'enter into' your other electronic devices that will let them into other information as well!" He repeats ---- your first line of defense is solid, unpredictable passwords that you change regularly. "That will allow them to stay out of your home computer, and once they are there - it allows them into your bank account!"

Dr Peters says Hackers can also steal information that leads to theft and fraud!


Hands of anonymous hackers holding credit card

Cyber hackers can enter your house through your Ring doorbell!Photo: Getty Images

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