So Many Pets Awaiting Their Homes

Over a million people in Houston, the Woodlands and Sugar Land have at least 1 dog - and more than that have cats! Gloria Zeteno of Pet Welfare Group Barrio Dogs says it's the pets with no owners that are the problem. "The stray animal over-population is worse than ever! You can ask any other animal welfare group here and they will agree. For the City of Houston - this has not been a priority!"

The county-funded [Harris County Pets] and city-funded [Barc] shelters together take in over 25,000 dogs and cats a year. Spaying or Neutering and Microchipping your own pet will help stop the overflow of unwanted companion animals in Houston. The stray animal population in the Houston area is in a sad state. Zeteno gives an idea of how they became strays: "There is some abandonment; some do run away [frightened by fireworks, a neighbor's dog, etc] animals do escape periodically - and then there are no proper IDs on them. They just wind up on the street trying to survive on their own!"

Happy Dog = Happy Family

Local shelters are filled with unwanted pets looking for homes - so full that they often transport some to local and distant foster groups. Last year the city and the county funded shelters combined euthanized around 2,000 animals - many of whom were very sick or injured. Spaying or Neutering your pets will help stop the overflow of unwanted dogs and cats in Houston.


Senior woman hugging her small pet dog

Cats and Dogs in Shelters Looking to Make You Happy!Photo: Getty Images

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