Fewer Workers Now Biting Retail Pharmacies

Nationwide, but not necessarily in Texas, there is a scarcity of Pharmacists. Chain retail pharmacies like CVS, Walmart and Walgreens are adjusting by cutting down their pharmacy hours which is greatly inconveniencing many of their patients. Texas A&M University Irma Lerma Rangel School of Pharmacy Associate Dean Asim Abu-Baker says some are giving pharm techs more responsibility. "One of the adjustments that we are seeing is an additional push to have more Pharm Techs come into the field and take on more responsibilities. I know that during the Covid Lockdown many Pharm Techs were allowed to give Covid-19 vaccinations."

High Costs of Medications Hurting American Families

Other sources tell us that with our growing elder population requiring more medications, overwork burn-out is causing early retirement and pharmacists leaving retail to work at private medical facilities. Dean Abu-Baker says pharmacy is a great profession. "We're talking about 6-digit salaries in most cases. For a 20-something year old graduate - it's a good life!"

He says there's a positive reaction. "Dealing with the shortage of workers, we're seeing more PharmTech programs. It's not a Doctorate-level program, so they don't have so many years in training!" He says Pharm Techs can earn a certificate at many community colleges.

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View through window of closed sign in shop

Worker Shortage causing Pharmacies to cut hours. Photo: Getty Images

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