Travelers Threatening to Drive Instead of Fly!

  • Travelers often tell survey takers they are postponing vacation flights until the airlines are running more smoothly. A lot of Texas travelers say they would rather drive 5 hours than to fly one hour! Travel expert Catherine Banks of Legacy Travel says no matter what you feel about airlines - that's not a very big deal! "Galveston's about 5 hours away from us here in Dallas. Let's see...
    Take 1 hour to get to the airport
  • Spend at least 1 hour at the airport
  • Sit 1 hour on the flight
  • And 1.5 hours to drive where you're going!"

You could possibly save half an hour! All this time you're on somebody else's schedule, and you have to pay the added expense (and time) to rent a car!"

Recently surveyed travelers rate their frustrations an 8 out of 10 - and many would pay extra for no-delay flights. Still, Banks says she thinks only a massive flight boycott this summer would make any impact on the airlines. Banks says no matter what current surveys say - she's not predicting an airline slow down. " Post Covid Lockdown Travel Surge is so big that airlines aren't having any trouble filling their seats. There are plenty of people to fill up their airplanes now - so I don't think this would have very much on an impact!" Banks also says business travel is back and will keep the flights to non-vacation sites like Pittsburgh and Portland going!


Crowds of passengers in departure area of Cancun International Airport, Mexico

Surveys say U.S. travelers rate their frustration with airlines an 8 out of 10!Photo: Getty Images

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