There Really Are Job Applications Not Written by People!

In a recent test, job applications were created by the ChatBot "ChatGPT" ...It fooled business recruiters so well 80% of the applications were offered interviews! U of H Assistant Dean Jamie Belinne is not surprised because recruiters are looking for an application that closely matches their job description. " "'ChatGPT' is going to look at the data and then 'say' whatever it has to 'say' to match the job description. But --- more human beings don't take the time to tailor their application and resume to the job they're applying for!"

Liar ! Liar! Job Search Pants on Fire!

ChatGPT has written resumes, job applications and even cover letters that have fooled H R recruiters who have offered the fake applicants more interviews than the human ones! Dean Belinne says that's because the bot just follows the job description to a tee - and recruiters like that. "I was a recruiter for a long time - and it was sooooooo easy to reject applicants because so many people didn't put any thought into their applications and resumes! It doesn't take that much effort - so if a computer is going to do it - it will beat out the humans who are not!"

Dean Belinne says as long as personal interviews and some resume fact checking are in place - getting a new job still belongs to humans.

She says the technology only goes so far - because it takes a personal interview to explain how the skills will be used.


Recruiter advertising for job vacancies, searching candidates to hire

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