Need a major car repair? Prepare to wait!

Only if your car is in a repair shop now can you imagine waiting months to get it back!

After an auto mishap, you could wait forever to get your car fixed...all because they can't get the parts! Dave Evans, The CEO of Fictiv, says traditional supply chain brings issues. "Global trade wars with China, Covid Lockdown and other Pandemics, Shipping issues, Trade issues!

It's not a question of IF it will happen again - but WHEN!"

Biden's Supply Chain Problems are Going To Be Here for a While!

Evans says companies like his can eliminate the wait, and the added cost of rental cars and ridesharing! "I CAN MAKE THAT PART RIGHT NOW!"

"This is how you can start to solve some of these systemic supply chain problems in the auto industry!" Evans says auto makers are also investing in U.S. microchip manufacturers. Fictiv is doing its part to get your car back faster. "Now is the critical moment when we should re-invest in manufacturing in the U.S. There are already digital companies, like Fictiv, that help solve these supply chain challenges by making car parts FAST!"


A Caucasian male hugging the hood of his old sedan in a classic car repair shop.

Car repair takes a looooon time!Photo: Getty Images

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