Summer Travel Could Mean Getting a Passport NOW

If you're already looking forward to summer travel - it could be time to get a passport.

The processing of your passport can take some time (applying is quick and easy), according to Travel Expert Catherine Banks of Legacy Travel , "It's not as bad as it was during the Covid Lockdown - but we are still dealing with government inefficiencies. I would want 3 months leeway. Don't wait until you plan your trip. If you don't have a valid passport - go now and get your passport!" She says it's an easy process - but you need to be prepared. "Get your birth certificate and a valid government-issued ID (driver license) and possibly a 'passport photo.' [some places can take your photo there]. For a child, both of those parents need to be present! If there is a special circumstance that one parent is out of the picture, there are forms and special procedures you will need to go through."

Norwegian Cruise Ship in Galveston

Banks says take your passport on your cruise even if you don't plan to disembark! "What if the ship - not you - has a problem and it has to return to port, what are you going to do? You're asking for trouble if you're traveling without a passport!"

She says there are even passports in case of an emergency. "Go to, click on 'passport' and enter your zip code and you'll find all the places near you where you can apply for a passport. There's a whole section on getting a passport in a hurry!"

Best news: It will be good for 10 years!


Passport and Visa Stamps

Get a passport NOW if you're thinking of traveling this summer!Photo: Getty Images

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