American Made Cars are becoming even more American Made!

During the height of the pandemic, America suffered because it was relying too much on manufacturing outside the country. During the Covid Lockdown, painful auto scarcity was mostly due to supply chain issues with foreign-made parts. Auto makers especially experienced Supply chain issues with getting foreign car parts to their factories which lead to a scarcity of new cars on lots! Auto makers vowed to have more American-made parts made by American workers in future cars. Supply Chain expert Joanne Moretti , Chief Revenue Officer of Fictiv, says they are making progress! "There is more American-made content in 2023 in American made cars than there was in 2022 American made cars." The problem is that there is currently not enough labor to make more!"

Supply Chain expert John Crean says car makers learned from the experience and now are building more American microchip plants that will hire more American workers. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested in building out U. S. chip factories. Not just here in Texas - but also in Arizona and Ohio!"

Moretti says already the Lincoln Corsair is made with 72% U.S./Canada parts! The Corvette Stingray is speeding in with 62%!


General Motors Automobile Assembly Line

more American Made component going in Photo: Getty Images

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