Hush Trip - fun at work or putting your job in jeopardy?!?

Some travel agencies are now promoting "HUSH TRIPS."

Hush Trips are the latest form of vacation travel - where you work remotely as you go to the beach, take a tour of Manhattan or just look out your hotel room at some different scenery. The hush part is that you don't tell your boss where you are! Executive Advisor Jay McDonald says that's the part where you have to be very very careful. "Stay in a situation when you are working where you will NOT be distracted. Don’t have sounds in the background of children playing, the surf rolling in, or the rides at Disneyworld!"

McDonald also says down deep it shows a lack of trust between the two of you and could become sticky if you mysteriously miss a few calls or a quick deadline during a crisis at work! He adds it can be avoided. "Establishing some guidelines that say something like: 'If you’re going to be away from your home office for any period of time - just give us a heads up!' Or - just let your supervisor know in advance that you will be out of pocket physically - but not mentally for a couple of days."

McDonald says he advises supervisors who openly don't care where their team is geographically, as long as the work runs smoothly!


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