HR Departments Are Having a New Problem - How to Lay Off A Lot of People!

Being laid off is unfortunate - but not uncommon lately.

Hiring expert Joel Patterson says those handling the layoff should plan their layoff strategy and details like total worker numbers, departments and severance packages very carefully before they make the big announcement. "Look at the Twitter situation that went down with Elon Musk. He basically fired half of the company - and then had to re-hire them!"

Lately HR departments are having to decide just how they will lay off some of their staff. Patterson says it's best to announce the layoff once and then let managers speak to their people individually, face to face, not via zoom. He gives this advice: "Follow some simple things like show empathy. De-personalize it. Don’t Lie. Plan Ahead. And then offer as much support as you can. Be generous."

Half of America's Companies are Saying "Layoffs are Coming"

An executive's severance could include another year or two of salary and even an extension of their golf club membership. Patterson says other staff should get at least a month's salary for each year at the company outplacement help.

Patterson says he knows this is about dollars and cents - but to remember that a layoff will mess with people's lives.


Laid off businessman moving out of office

Laid off. Photo: Getty Images

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