In the Sky! It's a Green Comet!

Not in the last 50,000 years has Comet ZTF come this close to the Sun. So close you should be able to see it with your very own naked eye. Orbital computations suggest that Comet ZTF may never return again.
It's striking green/blue color is probably due to carbon atoms bonding together (diacarbon).
Without a microscope - it may not look all that green!

Best to see Comet ZTF:

  • Through January 20 - before sunrise.
  • January 20-26 - above the horizon throughout the night.
  • January 26-27 - East of the Little Dipper
  • It can also be seen during February. click here to get sky directions
Night scene with a comet, asteroid, meteorite flying to Earth. Night landscape. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Comet ZTFPhoto: Getty Images

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