Woke Movies are Losing Money for Studios

If they Go Woke --- They Go Broke!

From 2018 to 2022 movie theater attendance dropped dramatically. The industry has a variety of excuses --- but Kylie Griswold of the Federalist knows the abundance of woke films is playing a major role. Woke aspects in movies don't seem to be bringing audiences in by droves. Griswold says 4 years of woke movies have seen a 48% drop in attendance. "You don't have to look much further than Disney to see a slew of movies that did not go well. Disney inserted their first LGBT character in an animated film - and that tanked at the box office!"

Woke Capitalism Could Ruin U.S.

Griswold says Disney and other filmmakers probably won't look take appropriate action. "I think they lack the awareness of their problem. It's not that I don't think that they can pull themselves out - I just don't think they're setting themselves up for success!"

She says movies with no woke influences like Spider-man (2022 Gross $241,123,638), Top Gun: Maverick (2022 Gross: $717,748,136) and The Batman (2022 Gross: $369,345,583) are bringing in huge bucks.

She says people will always go to the theater to see a movie about something that appeals to them!


Couple at the movies

People go to the movies to see something they're interested in. Photo: Getty Images

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