Great Career --- No Four-Year Degree and Crippling Debt Required

A college degree doesn't guarantee a fulfilling, high paying job with employment security. Just a high school diploma won't reap a great benefit. However, a Certificate or a 2-Year Degree from a community college will! Dan Hooper of ScholarShot: "If you go to work with a high school diploma, you'll be living in the Poverty Stage. You need to put in some education either during or after high school to earn a middle class wage!"

Which Profession Carries the Most College Debt?

Hooper says community colleges are more affordable than private trade schools and can get you to a market recognized certificate or associate degree level in careers from pre-school teacher to medical equipment repair are in demand. The debt - if any - is much more manageable. College educated mechanical engineers are in demand - but so are MRI techs who make over $60K a year with a 2 year degree that was achieved at a fraction of the cost! Hooper says, "There's plenty of choices for fulfilling careers that don't come with decades of financial debt. Any public community college in the country offers a wealth of vocational and trade certificates that are industry and market recognized."

Other careers like electricians, plumbers and welders start at good hourly salaries and are in demand everywhere. Their training is more extensive, but they have opportunities to work to pay off any education loans they may have incurred during much of their advanced training.



MRI Technician Photo: Getty Images

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