The Governor Has a Letter for the President

President Biden is in the middle of his visit to the border town of El Paso. When Biden descended Air Force One he was met by Governor Abbott. (Abbott had previously stated that he did not receive an invitation to join the president on his border visit, but rather an invite to meet him at the airport when he landed. Governor Abbott spoke to reporters about the President's visit on the tarmac and how insulting it is to have to not be invited for a one-on-one and meet him outdoors! He tells reporters he wants Biden to fix the problems he created!

At the conclusion of their very brief 'conversation' today - The Governor put in the President's hand a letter where he states many of the actions that he and the State Of Texas have taken to try to curb the thousands of illegal immigrants that cross our state's border regularly. Click here to see the letter Abbott wrote to Biden.

New customs and border patrol numbers show that the first 100 days of the fiscal year, which started on October 1st, saw 718,000 total immigrant encounters on the Southern Border!



US President Joe Biden receiving a letter written to him by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on the El Paso tarmac. Photo: Getty Images

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