He's FINALLY Visiting the U.S/Mexico Border!

The President of the United States is making a trip tomorrow (Sunday 1-8-2023) to the same city his Vice President already visited in 2022: El Paso. Biden will arrive 3 hours before he leaves.

Currently El Paso streets are overrun with illegal immigrants sleeping where they can find a spot. Many are saying "too little too late" and some are not hopeful that he will see any of the real action going on at the border. Time will tell.

The President has not visited any border area ever during the two years he has been in office. It could open his (and those of his attending staff's) eyes to the desperation, sadness and cruelty an overrun are produces. Officials of other border towns would enjoy a visit as well so they can share their situation for the Commander and Chief.



Immigrants at the Mexico/U.S. border in Texas.Photo: Getty Images

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