The Supply of Doctors in the U.S. is in Critical Condition!

As Americans live longer, more need healthcare as they age. Throw into the mix that there's a shortage of doctors here, and we've got a medical crisis on our hands! About the shortage, healthcare staffing expert Jody Taber says it's all about age-out and burn-out.

Established physicians will be leaving in the next few years. "Two out of 5 active physicians in the country today will be 65 or old within the next decade -- so that's forcing a lot of doctors out of the workforce!" Younger physicians are suffering from severe burn out. Taber explains why this didn't happen as early for older physicians. "They went to school to learn how to take care of patients. Now they are spending more time with administrative tasks like inputting information into electronic medical records than they are taking care of patients!"

Doctor Shortage Ahead - March 2017

Taber says not to blame the shortage on medical schools, either. "Enrollments aren't down in medical schools - there's still about 40,000 applicants that are submitted to medical schools. To become a physician you must first complete a residency that can take from 3 to 7 years. The problem is there are not enough residencies that are open. Plus - since there is a shortage, there is a larger volume of patients for them to see than they went to school for!"

Taber adds their workloads are gradually lighter due to the addition of mid-level providers and telemedicine.


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More patients, fewer doctors.Photo: Getty Images

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