One Airline Alone Cancels 5,400 Flights in 2 Days!

Many airlines delayed and canceled flights over the freezing cold Christmas weekend. On top of the heap is Southwest Airlines that had a meltdown and canceled 5400 flights! Northcutt Travel's Shayla Northcutt explains. "With all airlines facing weather problems at the same time, most delayed and even canceled flights. So many flights delayed, so many flights cancelled, and other flights just not able to fly out of the airport! Now add to that with Crew 'Timing out", Pilots 'Timing Out' ,and not enough people to work those flights when they came back around!" It really was a recipe for disaster.

Texas Travel expert Cathi Banks experienced the travel phenomena herself. "My son was on Southwest to go back to school. He said people made announcements in the airport, 'You might as well go home.'" She was able to drive her student to DFW Airport and he got a seat on an American Airline flight and got back to school.

Nightmare at the Airport Continues --- Part January, 2022

At Northcutt Travel, Northcutt is fielding calls from her clients who are stuck in some airport because their own Southwest Airlines flight is canceled. "We're getting them to where we CAN get them to! Some we're finding rental cars so they can travel to another hub town and get flights there. Others are just going to have to be able Extend Their Vacation!"

Northcutt says those with flight insurance may still be inconvenienced and miss grandma's apple pie this year - but the financial savings are major.

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Departure flight board with cancelation at the Airport.

Southwest Airlines cancelled 5400 flights within 24 hours. 12-2022Photo: Getty Images

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