Local Thieves: "It's time for Holiday Robbing - Phase Two!"

Thieves can see opportunities everywhere. Don't create another one for them!

For local thieves - the holiday season is not over. While Christmas shopping you locked your purchases out of sight and watched to see if you were followed. But here comes Holiday Theft Part 2 - when thieves want your shiny new stuff. Crime expert Dr. Mark Sherwood says don't lead them to your new electronics. "When you put your trash out in front of your house, make sure you bag it thoroughly. Don't just leave the big TV box standing there for everyone to see! and break down the cardboard first."

Using gift cards or making exchanges - don't silently announce what you have. "Don't be obvious with what you do! Bring your own bags and sacks and not the store branded bags from Saks Fifth Avenue!"

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Before Christmas you and your neighbors watched each other's porches for deliveries and you were vigilant at hiding away packages until you were home from shopping. Dr. Sherwood says don't let your guard down yet! "People who resort to this thievery are always looking for an opportunity. And in this world today - there are plenty of opportunities!" Like leaving your blinds and drapes open and displaying new computers and TVs, leaving labeled boxes in your recycle bin, leaving bicycles out in the yard, giving off signs of being out of the house and when dining out, casually leaving your phone on the table. Don't give them another opportunity!

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Thief stealing electronics

Thief stealing a Christmas present TV.Photo: Getty Images

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