How To Track ERCOT Grid Conditions In Real Time During Texas Freeze

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This week, Texas will see the coldest temperatures since the deadly 2021 winter storm. Will the ERCOT power grid be ready?

Texas leaders say yes! "The grid is ready and reliable," said Public Utility Commission Chairman Peter Lake at a news conference, FOX 4 reports. Widespread power outages "should be avoided," but high winds could still knock over branches onto power lines in some areas. The highest demand is forecast for Friday (December 23) morning when temperatures are expected to dip into the low teens.

Since the winter storm in 2021, which killed over 200 people, PUC and ERCOT leaders have changed and added new procedures to make sure Texas is in a better position to handle these conditions.

But does this impending arctic blast compare to the 2021 winter storm? It doesn't. For starters, this week will be nearly precipitation free — so we won't be seeing any snow or ice. There is a small chance for sleet Thursday, however. Temperatures also won't be as cold as they were last year. The blast will also last for significantly less time than it did last year. We can expect below freezing temps for about 70 hours between Thursday and Sunday, compared to February 2021's 129 consecutive hours below freezing.

Track the ERCOT grid in real time

While these cold, cold conditions make their way to the Lone Star State, you can track the ERCOT grid in real time, Chron reports. The digital dashboard will continuously update to show you any grid conditions and changes in the energy market.

Please stay up-to-date with your local stations for the latest weather forecasts.

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