Arctic Freeze is Bringing Us Together - at Hardware Stores!

If you like crowds - go to an area hardware store! Just ask Southland Hardware! "It's a Zoo here with a 3-Ring-Circus for a side show! And customers are sucking down insulation like a hose! We just got a lot of faucet covers in and a lot of it is already sold out!"

Preparing your home for the arctic blast tomorrow night is top of mind today - especially at hardware stores. McCaulley Hardware says they're busy selling the basics. John McCauley says the most popular items are pretty predictable. "Pipe insulation wrap, the hose bib covers for your outside faucets, major insulation for their attic doors. It has been absolutely crazy! We've just about sold out of everything. We have a shipment coming in today - but at noon yesterday we were almost out of pipe insulation!"

On the Save Your Plants side, Warren's and Kingwood Garden Centers say they're busy busy busy. Their customers want two things: 1) frost covers and 2) advice to keep their plants alive. "Frost covers are the best - but just putting bubble wrap around the trunk of your palm or graft of your citrus tree will help. Most important - water your plants 12 to 24 hours before the freeze."

Who knew?!?

Photo:Getty Images

Hands installs faucet cover to protect pipes from freezing weather.

protecting outdoor pipe and faucet from freezePhoto: Getty Images

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