U. S. Restaurants are still looking for a break. How about Houston?

Although sales are growing, restaurants across the country report they are still being attacked from all sides...from staffing shortages to inflated food product prices and fewer people dining in - preferring to take-out. According to Justin Solomon of The Original Ninfa's, however, Houston is still seeing growth. We're seeing an increase in foot traffic [dining in] as well as the take-out traffic which started with the Covid Lockdown and just never went away!" Solomon says keeping good staff does take a change of method. "We continually hire during the entire year. There are just so many restaurants here in Houston that, about the talent pool, you don't have a lot to pick from!"

Houston Restaurants Getting More Business - But Facing Higher Costs!

Solomon says Houston eateries are seeing serious growth in their foot traffic, and are adjusting to inflated supply prices, often without raising prices. "Let say beef prices increase. You have to make an adjustment in your menu. Not necessarily in the price - but maybe you'll use a different cut of meat because of the price."

He adds that now that baseball season is over, he's seeing full restaurant parking lots all over town.

And many local restauranteurs say Houstonians just aren't that afraid to break bread in public.

Crowded restaurant, night

Houston restaurants getting more dine-in eaters!Photo: Getty Images

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