Some Gamblers Saying Today's Election Could See a Continued Red Wave

National Sports Betting Expert Chris Hodge reminds us that in the U..S. it is illegal to gamble on elections...However, betting is his life and he speaks to a lot of people. "The midterm elections do not get as many bets as a presidential elections --- but I do know that people are gambling on the results of today's Midterm Elections. I just can't give you specific numbers or percentages on it."

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Hodge did say the gamblers he talks to are not speaking highly of democrat candidates, and he figures their gambling funds will follow suit. Without giving out specific numbers, he has a hunch about the red wave flag is still waving. "I speak to people all across the country. More than a thousand people every single week. I have not had one person tell me they are voting for a Democrat candidate. Yes --- where they vote is where they will put their gambling money!"

You can hear Hodge on sports talk 790. By the way --- If you didn't vote early - you have till 7 tonight.


Three men in a betting shop

Betting on American elections is illegal - but it still happens. Photo: Getty Images

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