Airline Execs Say, "More On-time Flights!"

Airline executives say upcoming holiday travel will be smoother than it was over the summer. Increasing groups of Americans are planning to fly away for the holidays and according to Aviation Expert Jay Ratliff the numbers are almost as high as they were before the Covid Lockdown. He says airlines are better prepared now than when we saw two solid months of flight cancellations earlier this year. "They have scaled back many of their fall and winter flights. The airlines are going to have a better chance now of operating these flights on time rather than the cancelations we saw this past Summer."

Scheduling Chaos Leaving Airline Pilots Exhausted

Ratliff saying part of the end result will be fewer available seats. "That means there will be packed flights and higher prices!" That spells continued record revenues for the airlines.


Arrival Departure Board

Mostly on-time flights predicted for the holidays.Photo: Getty Images

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