What to do When YOU win the Lottery!

Last night the Powerball Jackpot reached an estimated billion dollar prize. $1,000,000,000. Did you win?

You already know what you WANT to do ---- but first think about what you SHOULD do if you're a big winner! Executive Director of the Texas Lottery Commission Gary Grief has the answers: "The first thing you want to do is sign the back of that ticket and put it in a VERY SAFE PLACE!" In Texas you don't have to worry about your greedy third cousins finding out about your good luck, because only the location of where you purchased that ticket is made public!

Texas Resident Claims Monster Lottery Prize

Grief: "Next, seek the very best financial and legal advice that you can. When you're happy with your plan, call us at the Texas Lottery Commission, and then come in to our headquarters in Austin to claim your prize, and I'll be there to give you a REALLY BIG CHECK!"

Grief now outlines what the best prepared winners do: "They draw up legal documents that spell our how their money is going to be distributed, and then they come in and claim their prize." Grief says not to rush because you have 180 days to make your plans before you have to claim your stash.

If you didn't win, you're in the company of a few hundred million others!
Good luck next time.

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Lots of money is at stake!Photo: Getty Images

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