Retired Army Col. honors fallen heroes including one with ties to Houston

Retired Army Colonel Chris Kolenda is spending a lot of time on his bike these days. But he's not just riding for recreation.

Kolenda is in the middle of a 1,700 mile ride across the country from Nebraska to Arlington National Cemetery. He's doing it for two reasons. First, he's honoring six paratroopers that died under his command in Afghanistan 15 years ago. That group includes Pfc. Chris Pfeifer, whose widow lives right here in Houston.

"I wanted to do something special to honor their service and sacrifice that included visiting their graves," Kolenda told KTRH.

And while Kolenda knew what he wanted to do, it was how he would do it that he had to think about.

"I could drive, but that would not be substantial enough. I could walk it, but it would take way too long. And then I thought that I could ride a bike.

Kolenda talked to us from Iowa this week. He's got about 1,200 miles left on his ride, which is scheduled to get to Arlington On October 22nd.

Kolenda isn't just riding for those that died under his command. He's riding for those that are back home, and struggling. He's raising money for The Saber Six Foundation. More than 30-thousand service members have died by suicide. That’s four times higher than combat fatalities. Many others suffer substance abuse, broken relationships, depression, and other challenges. You can donate HERE.

You can also listen to Chris' entire interview with KTRH below.

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