Bosses Doubting their Remote Workers' Productivity

Many remote workers think they work harder than their bosses realize. Business Consultant Garrison Wynn says managers are having some difficulties. "They [managers] don't have enough control over the work. They don't have proof that their people are working on things the way they want them to be done." Wynn says for workers to itemize each day's accomplishments for their bosses to put them at ease. And...he says some axes WILL BE FALLING. "There are a lot of people who don't want to work. They want to be at home having pizza delivered, and Starbuck's delivered, sitting in their underwear. If they can find a way to do that and make a living - they're doing to do it!"

Report: Federal Government Lacks Oversight of Remote Workers

85% of business team leaders are having a difficult time having confidence in their remote workers' productivity. This is according to a massive study performed by Microsoft. Wynn says it's not surprising because they don't have as much control over work that is done remotely. And some workers really are slacking off like these people whom Wynn says sound like this:: " 'If I take a remote job --- I can do the same job for not one but TWO companies at the same time...and make double the money.' They are serving two masters, and will likely drop the ball for each company at least twice a week!"

Wynn says these folks will be found out by one or both of their employers and fired. Solid workers should stay in touch with their managers and keep them in the loop of what they are doing.

A recent massive Microsoft survey says just 12% of leaders have full confidence that their team is productive.

Middle Aged Women working from home in office whilst also looking after her young daugther.

Managers not sure about remote workersPhoto: Getty Images

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