Texans would accept no less than $286 in flight cancellation compensation!

Most (66%) American air travelers think cancelled flights are 'the new norm'! Family Destinations Guide asked thousands of American travelers what compensation ($) they would accept for a flight cancellation.. and the range of answers ran from just $86 in Delaware to $534 in Alaska. Aviation Expert Jay Ratliff has a word of caution. " 'Yeah. I want $500!' --- 'That's fine, but you're not going to get it. Your expectations are on one side, and the cheap [minded] airlines on the other side. The idea that those two will somehow meet in the middle? It's never going to happen!' "

Air travel demand is up but airline staff numbers are down - so more flights are being delayed or canceled every day.. Texans answered $286 for each ticket...other states ranging from under $100 to over $500. Ratliff says it will probably never happen because U.S. Airlines are not known for taking good care of their customers. "The Customer Service of all 350 airlines on the planet --- no American airline even makes the top 20!"

What's the Real Reason Behind the Wave of Flight Cancellations?

The same Family Destinations Guide survey found over 2/3 of the travelers don't believe the Department of Transportation is doing enough to help them

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Cancellation Compensation - Ever going to Happen?Photo: Getty Images

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