Back to the Hangar, Artemis I!

At first, it was a fuel leak. At second, it was a fuel leak. Now for the third time, it's a Tropical Storm. This most powerful ever rocket can't catch a break!

The launch of the enormous NASA's Artemis Moon Rocket (an un-crewed run) is once again postponed - this time in caution of foul weather. Really foul weather.

The Kennedy Space Center in Florida could be in the path of now Tropical Storm Ian, which is forecasted by some to become a hurricane tomorrow (Sunday, 9-25-2022). It was scheduled to launch Tuesday (9-27-2022) but now NASA scientists are fearing the would-be hurricane will approach Florida early.

The vehicle will eventually take astronauts back to the moon.


NASA Postpones Artemis I Launch Due To Technical Issue

NASA scrubbed the third attempt to launch Artemis I due to possible interference from the possible future Hurricane Ian net week. Photo: Getty Images

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