This Is The Most Popular Ice Cream Flavor In Texas

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Thursday (September 22) is National Ice Cream Cone Day!

Ice cream is a staple sweet treat that is loved by most, and with the constant heat, it's flying off the shelves faster than ever. But which flavors get snatched up the quickest in the state?

Instacart conducted a study to determine which flavor of ice cream is the favorite in each state. The site determined this by looking at ice cream sales compared to the national average.

The study states:

"Because vanilla is hands down the most purchased ice cream flavor in every state — accounting for more than a quarter (26.2%) of all ice cream sales in the U.S. — we dug a little deeper to find out what people are buying when they step out of their vanilla comfort zone. To do this, we determined which ice cream flavor each state buys the most compared to the national average."

According to the study, Texas' favorite ice cream flavor is Rainbow Sherbet. That flavor was the favorite of three other states as well: Montana, Kansas, and Arkansas.

Moose Tracks ice cream is top ice cream flavor, winning the hearts of 12 states.

You can see each state's favorite ice cream flavor on Instacart's website.

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