This Is Texas' Best Dive Bar

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The real meaning of a "dive bar" has definitely evolved over time. They used to be know for being dirty and even dangerous. But now, they're better known as simple bars that have character and personality.

24/7 Wall Street compiled a list of the best dive bars in each state. The website states, "To assemble a list of the best dive bar in every state, 24/7 Tempo began by consulting ratings and reviews of establishments identifying themselves as dive bars, in whole or in part, on Yelp."

According to the list, the best dive bar in Texas is Club No Minors in Houston. 24/7 Wall Street explains:

"In response to local liquor laws in the 1960s, the Galleria area Mexican restaurant El Patio opened a separate operation, the Club Villa Sana, through a door just inside the entrance. A sign reading “No Minors” was attached to the door, and the place soon became known as Club No Minors. The room is small, the live music (sometimes mariachis) is loud, and the margaritas – served in big water glasses – are potent. Patrons have been known to dance on the tables after a couple too many."

A full list of the best dive bars in each state can be found on 24/7 Wall Street's website.

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