Working from Home for a Pay Cut

Some workers want to keep their work-from-home status so much they'll take a pay cut to keep it. Remote working is popular for many reasons and Michael Cupps of ActiveOps gives us the biggest. " Getting in a car and driving, paying for parking and lunch. It's just the cost of working in an office that people didn't understand until they weren't spending it during the Covid Lockdown. It's a simple decision."

With skyrocketing inflation, many employers are giving across the board pay increases - and offering a remote work deal to forego the raise. Cupps says eventually it could be the norm. "The technology is catching up to make more and more jobs remote-friendly. But not all of them are going to be there!" People who make and fix things, plant and building things, serve you in some way and sell you items you want to see and feel before you buy.

A Few Sides to the Remote Working Debate

Even with skyrocketing inflation - lots of workers are agreeing to a pay cut if they can just remain working remotely. Cupps points out that it's especially true with a certain demographic. "Overwhelmingly, the 'younger generation' doesn't want to work in an office. I was with a client in Houston last week and he told me his daughter has been in the workforce for 3 years and has never set foot in her office!"

Cupps says it's not a bad deal for managers as multiple studies show remote some workers actually work more hours when not in the office.


Mixed race man working from home on his computer during lockdown

This man is accepting a pay cut just to be able to work from home.Photo: Getty Images

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