Miss your old job? Go back and get a raise!

They're called Boomerang Employees and they leave one company [A] for more money at another company [B] and then go back and negotiate a higher salary with their previous company [A]. Tom Finnegan with Clarkston Consulting says it's a good deal for the employer as well. "When the employer [A] doesn't have a job filled - it's costing them money! Then here they find somebody who was previously a good employee for them with the proper skills and who won't require resources to come up to speed." The average increase this year is over 20% ...and the typical boomerang time away is just over a year. Finegan says it's happening in most industries - especially healthcare.

New Hires Quick to Leave for Something Better

Changing jobs is a part of employment - but going back to your previous employer - for even more money - is a game changer. Finegan says it's pretty lucrative. "Across the companies we work with - it could be as high at 10%. Nurses who leave as an employee often come back as a contract worker often are hired by with a 40% salary increase." Nurses who left the industry due to severe burn out are going back making more money for fewer hours worked. And their employers are happy to pay.



Boomerang Employees get paid more.Photo: Getty Images

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