A La Niña Winter is back for yet another encore!

La Niña is a climate pattern with cooler-than-average ocean water in the central Pacific. The phenomena influences weather across the County including The Greater Houston Area. Harris County Meteorologist Jeff Lindner tells us it means your winter vegetable garden will need watering. "This Fall -- and potentially this Winter -- with La Niña conditions continuing in the Pacific, suggests dryer than average conditions here in Texas." Lindner says the temperatures from November through February will be warmer than usual, but, like last winter, we could see a sudden outbreak of freezing temperatures.

For the third time in as many years - a La Niña Winter is on its way. It is one of the main drivers of weather in the United States and around the world, especially during late fall, winter and early spring. Meteorologist for Harris County Jeff Lindner says New England and the Midwest will see much colder temperatures --- but not so much here in Texas.

"La Niña tends to support warmer than average Winter temperatures - but occasionally you will get these sudden outbreaks of VERY cold Winter Days." Like the major cold outbreak we had in the beginning of this year. La Niña is a natural cycle marked by cooler-than-average ocean water in the Pacific Ocean and influences the weather in the United States through the winter.


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