Gas Prices are sliding down, but they're STILL TOO HIGH

Gas prices are still a lot higher than they were this time last year --- BUT, they're lower that they were just a few weeks ago. Prices are still slipping. The comparative good news is that Texas is still seeing lower prices at the pump that most of the rest of the country. The higher prices in California make ours seem lower and we feel superior and happy!

San Francisco Bay Area's average price for a gallon of regular is $5.42. In Harris County your average price is $3.13.--- a $2.29 "savings." [Montgomery County is $3.09 and Ft. Bend County is 3.08 - all according to AAA figures.] BUT --- they're still $0.61 HIGHER than they were just last year.

Click here to find out how the gas prices in your home county stack up against your cousin's home county's prices.


Money in the chute of a gas representing high gas prices

Photo: Getty Images

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