NASA Fans - Wait 'til October!

In the words of NASA administrator Bill Nelson: WE'LL GO WHEN IT'S READY.

Once again, Artemis I broke hearts all over the country - especially in Cape Canaveral, Florida and here at the Johnson Space Center. Artemis I Launch Director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson once again canceled the launch only two and a half hours before planned lift-off. Blackwell-Thompson stating there was a leak that just couldn't be sealed - although there were many attempts to do so.

Originally they were hoping to have everything A-OK by this Tuesday - but later decided to wait till late September or October. Safety is NASA's greatest priority - after all, they're spending over $4,000,000,000 (four billion dollars) to launch the mannequins into orbit.


Second Launch Attempt Of NASA Artemis I Mission Scrubbed Due To Fuel Issues

NASA scrubbed the second attempt to launch Artemis I due to a hydrogen leak issue.Photo: Getty Images

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