Battleship Texas: 1947 - 2022

Battleship Texas is Leaving Us Today.
Since 1947 school classes, Girl Scout Troops, families and picnickers have enjoyed exploring Battleship Texas "parked" near the San Jacinto Monument. Today she leaves us for repair and restoration at a ship yard in Galveston. 110 years old, she was a steadfast icon of the area for 75 years.

Battleship Texas Foundation Chief Operating Officer Bruce Bramlett says this is no small feat! "We're going to safely transport Battleship Texas from its current location to a Dry Dock in Galveston and get her up where we can do some looooong needed repair and restoration." Tugboats are powering her from 7:30 this morning till this afternoon. "We'll need to turn her 90 degrees and point her down the channel. We'll attach a tow tug to the front of her. Once the trailing tug is all secure, we'll start her journey to Galveston." He says this is not about speed. It's about a safe transport!

The ship will be in repairs for months - and the Foundation hopes to add more time to her stay (for more repairs and restorations) depending upon future donations. Click here if you wish to donate.

Bramlett says her future home is still unknown - but they have had conversations with Baytown, Beaumont and Galveston.

Seeing an enormous battleship travel as slowly as 2 knots should be quite an experience to watch! Bramlett says to bring a lawn chair and find a place to watch her along the way. If you're land-locked for the day: Click here to see her mapped progress, or watch a live stream of the ship's journey.

Here are some of the places he suggests for a good spot to watch history go by.

  • Going under the Fred Hartman Bridge
  • Bayland Island
  • The Texas City Dike (Bramlett says you'll see a close-up look there)
  • Galveston Naval Museum at Seawolf Park
  • Pier 21


General view of the battleship Texas

Battleship Texas leaving for repairs and restoration.Photo: Getty Images

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