There are a few sides to the remote working debate!

Employers are comparing production quality between remote and in-office workers. Business Analyst Mark Fenner says remote is here to stay - for one simple reason. "I think employers are challenged with a very competitive market for the best they can hire. Work from home is appealing to a lot of the candidates they are working to recruit!" But Fenner does add that many remote workers are seeing they are last in line for promotions and first in line during a layoff. "'Out-of-sight-out-of-mind' problems that the off-site employees have if the majority of the staff works in the office!"

The numbers of remote workers has gone down since the Covid Lockdown. Some are seeing they're being passed up for the promotions and raises that in-office workers are getting. But --- Business Analyst Mark Fenner says remote working gives managers a wider geographic net to cast for highly qualified staff. "Ii think the War for Talent right now is so intense that they are prioritizing quality candidates over those who happen to be in their hometown - or those in the office."

The next few years will be interesting!

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Working at home having a video conference with colleagues

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