3 innocents killed. 12 rental homes totally destroyed.

Early this morning (~ 1:00 AM) a so far (at posting time) unnamed gunman, wearing all black and carrying a gun, smoked out the residents and manager of hi rental home complex by setting it on fire. When they fled their burning homes, he started shooting at them. When firefighters arrived, he started shooting at them as well. Then police arrived and they shot him. He died at the scene.

Police feel it could be - at least in part - a retaliation effort on the shooter's part because he was recently served an eviction notice. Houston Police Chief Troy Finner was heard to say, I'm seeing things that I have never seen before in 32 years of law enforcement. It's happening time and time again. People ask the Police Chief and other Police Leaders, 'WHY?!?' And even we don't know why right now. So we just ask the community to come together."

A police investigation is ongoing.


Burning house

Shooting arsonist burns down rental homes in Houston.Photo: Getty Images

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