Owning and using a new car is 11% more expensive than it was last year.

AAA says to expect to spend about 900 dollars a month on a new car. Jerry Reynold the Car Pro comments. ""$10,700 a year --- almost $900 a month - with the price of cars up so much...with the price of fuel up so much...and then you have the price of insurance going up. It doesn't surprise me a bit!"

Owning a new car this year is a whopping 11% more expensive than last year! AAA' Annual (2022) Cost of Driving Report factors in costs such as fuel - which is much higher than it was last year, depreciation, insurance and maintenance.. Manufacturers are struggling to keep their new car inventory so prices are climbing there as well. AAA Texas Joshua Zuber explains a new feature of the report - the Driving Cost Calculator. "That online tool allows users to see the analysis of a specific vehicle to determine the cost of ownership that will be in line with their budget. It's available for both new and used vehicles up to 5 model years old." It's a good tool to find out the average yearly amount spent on a car you're thinking of buying, or on the car you're driving.

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New cars cost about $900 a month to own this year.Photo: Getty Images

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