Lost luggage now Joining Canceled and Delayed Flights Nightmares

When Gordon Bethune became the CEO of Continental Airlines - he summed up customer satisfaction this way:

"People want their underwear to arrive at the same place and time as they do!"

Aviation Expert Mike Hatten says it's not just the pilot shortage causing flight cancelations bringing on this mess. "It's the EMPLOYEE SHORTAGE really --- it's everywhere! Baggage handlers and other people are leaving. They're frustrated. They're quitting!" Hatten says to use your common sense and carry on as much as you can. "You know, you're getting on a plane carrying a big heavy coat. People may look all strange at you --- but if you're getting off the plane at Edinburgh (Scotland) the temperature is going to be in the 50s!"

He says to cram 2 days worth of necessities onto your carry-on.

Before you take off, check your airline's loop holes like some really low fares require checked baggage...or if you're going with a pet, Fifi counts as your carry-on!


Black Luggage  Labeled with Red Lost or Damaged Claim Sticker: Travel Concept

Lost luggage the biggest Summer Travel NightmarePhoto: Getty Images

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