Now Showing - Images from NASA Space Telescope James Webb

Yesterday NASA unveiled amazing images from their latest space telescope. The first images from the James Webb telescope are available. NASA spokeswoman Anna Lassman saying it's a big day for Houston's Johnson Space Center. "Scientists and engineers from the Johnson Space Center have been involved since the initial testing in 1999 seeing these images is seeing the culmination of all the work that has been taking place." She says it will have a world wide impact. "Not just for NASA scientists --- a lot of these discoveries will answer questions for physicists and scientists around the world."

The James Webb Space Telescope is much bigger and stronger than the Hubble - with a mirror more than twice the size. Lassman says it's an especially big time for The Johnson Space Center as they conducted many tests on the that lasted 100 days in the summer of 2017.

"When Hurricane Harvey hit --- the testing was going on in Chamber A at the JSC. We couldn't disrupt the testing - so NASA team members had to endure the storm there to make sure the testing was not interrupted."

This telescope has the capability to see the early universe like never before and even the atmospheres of exoplanets.

Image courtesy NASA Johnson Space Center

Image from NASA's Webb Space TelescopePhoto: NASA Johnson Space Center

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