Drivers are Left Waiting as Supply Chain problems Delay Repairs

Have you had your car in for repairs or maintenance lately?

Car Repair Shops like The Auto Shop in Plano are like many individually owned businesses suffering the consequences of global supply chain issues. Car part shortages around the country mean longer delays and higher prices for your next car repair. Jerry Kezhaya, owner of The Auto Shop knows why. "What we're seeing right now is Supply Change Disruptions at the magnitude we have never seen before in our 42 history of owning this company!" Kezhaya saying tankers are parked at ports and truckers are quitting. "Truckers are getting out of the business. The price of fuel is caused a lot of them to park their trucks wherever they parked! Those 'semis' don't get the mileage you get in your car!"

Man Steals Truck - Drives it Through a Car Repair Shop

He says it's not going to get better any time soon. "We have had our vendors come in an warn us that staples of every day operations - like oil filters - are nationally going to be back ordered." He says four cars came in one recent morning that dealerships wouldn’t look at until mid-August!

He suggests

  • before you take your car in for a repair ask to buy the parts in advance
  • shops that use after-market parts may give quicker service than dealerships.
  • His best suggestion is to ask your shop if they have the part in stock before you drop off your only mode of transportation.


Auto mechanic using repair tools check car in Garage

Car repairs are taking longer and are more expensivePhoto: Getty Images

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