Is There A Chupacabra Roaming Around Texas?

Photo: Getty Images

A strange animal was spotted walking around in Grapevine, reported the Star-Telegram. Resident Kim Cooley first spotted the animal that looked like a wolf or a dog from her kitchen window. She spotted it again the next day right in the middle of her back yard.

Cooley's husband, Steve Cooley, looked at the animal through binoculars and saw an emaciated animal with wrinkly gray skin. The animal also had pointy ears and bright blue eyes.

Steve said, "We just couldn't tell what it was. And then it kept hanging around in our yard and my neighbor's yard and just kind of hanging out. Then I was out working in the yard mowing the grass, and it was coming out of the woods and sitting there watching me, which is not normal coyote behavior."

According to Steve, the animal didn't exactly resemble a coyote. Instead, it was lankier with a more pointed nose, longer ears, and a long, droopy tail.

Steve said, "I've not seen anything exactly that looked like this. All the different things we've seen over the years, this guy was one of the more strange looking and less identifiable."

Steve posted about the animal on Facebook. Many responded with "poor thing." A lot of people believe the animal is a dog or coyote with mange.

Check out the photo below. What do you think the animal is?

According to Dallas animal experts, the animal is likely a canine with a severe case of mange. Texas A&M specialist John Tomecek says that the animal looks like it has late state mange.

Tomecek said, "This is very sad, and the animal is suffering. They do not typically recover from this advanced a case."

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