One Houston area code got over 54 million robocalls in April

Americans received more than 3.9 billion robocalls in April, keeping 2022 on pace to hit 48 billion robocalls for the year. That's about 4 billion robocalls a month.

Houston's 832 area code was among the most victimized in the country with 54.4 million.

Because April has one fewer day than March, robocalls were actually down 6.7% on a daily basis.

Photo: YouMail

The figures were provided by YouMail, a free robocall blocking app for mobile phones, which analyzed robocall traffic attempting to get through to the app's millions of users.

April's most unwanted robocall campaign, the source of tens of millions of robocalls from tens of thousands of different numbers, appears to be for extended warranty or service contracts. The calls violate a number of telemarketing regulations as the caller does not identify themselves, does not provide a call-back number, and they call people who haven't given prior consent.

The calls usually go something like, "Hi, this is Mark with an important message about your automobile service contract. It seems like the time to renew or extend your service contract has expired or will be expiring shortly. If you would like to keep coverage or to extend it, press eight to speak to a customer service agent and go over options for us. Press the number nine if you are declining coverage or wish not to be reminded again."

Atlanta had the most unwanted calls for the month with 163.1 million. The most in Texas - 150.2 million - went to Dallas numbers.

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