ERCOT: High temperatures this weekend could strain Texas power grid

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) says it's concerned very high temperatures this weekend could lead to a greater-than-normal demand for power.

The worry is compounded by the possibility that some of the state's power plants may be offline for maintenance, although ERCOT says they've asked plants to postpone that work to be ready for possible excess demand Friday through Monday.

Photo: Getty Images

Forecasters say this weekend's weather could feel more like late July than early May, with Houston's highs reaching the mid- or upper-90s. Elsewhere in the state, high temperatures might reach 100-108 degrees.

In a statement, ERCOT said they would "deploy all the tools available to us to manage the grid reliably. ERCOT is coordinating closely with the Public Utility Commission, generation resource owners and transmission utilities to ensure they are prepared for the extreme heat. At this time, ERCOT projects there will be sufficient generation to meet this high demand for electricity.”

Real-time grid conditions can be monitored through ERCOT’s digital dashboard.

ERCOT struggled to meet demand at times last spring and summer. In April 2021, ERCOT asked Texans to cut back on electricity after a number of power plants went offline for maintenance and demand for power was higher than expected. Then, in mid-June, ERCOT issued another conservation notice that extended for five days

Gov. Greg Abbott has said that major issues with the power grid have been fixed.

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