HPD shoots man who ran over construction worker, stabbed building manager

A construction worker is dead and two people are in surgery after a stabbing followed by an officer-involved shooting in front of an apartment complex near River Oaks at about 3:30 this morning.

Investigators said it all started when a man stole a white pickup truck from a 59-year-old construction worker that was working in the area overnight. When the construction worker was trying to back away from the suspect and walk toward the apartment building, police said the suspect, who had already gained control of his vehicle, ran him over. The suspect then drove the pickup truck into the apartment complex building.

Police said the suspect crawled out of the truck and into the building with a knife in his hand and charged at the concierge. The concierge took cover and the suspect gained entry to the building, police said. While this was occurring, officers said the 51-year-old apartment complex manager confronted the suspect and was stabbed in the back.

Police said when they arrived at the scene, they found the suspect with a knife near the construction worker’s body and the manager of the apartment complex.

Officers said the suspect, who still had the knife in his hand, was given verbal commands to put the knife down but then advanced at the officers who in return discharged their weapons.

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