Texas Parents Left 3 Children Alone In Car While At Dinner, Later Arrested

A Texas couple has been captured after police said they left their children in the vehicle while they went out to supper.

Joseph Belis, 28, and Cassidy Belis, 27, left their three youngsters in the vehicle with the motor running for more than an hour while they were eating and drinking inside a Texas Roadhouse in Odessa, as per the Odessa Police Department.

A few observers called 911 to report what is going on. Whenever police showed up on the scene, they observed the Belis' Escalade parked with the motor running and the kids inside.

The couple showed up at the eatery at 4221 N. Grandview Avenue around 6:45 p.m., Joseph Belis told police. He said they were rotating going to the restroom before they all went inside the eatery. He added Cassidy Belis later took the children to the vehicle. Their 7-year-old child had a wireless and could call the guardians if necessary, he said.

The Odessa American revealed an examination showed one of the kids left the vehicle for a short amount of time, leaving one more kid in the vehicle. The examination observed the guardians were polishing off liquor inside the café and the two of them had a solid scent of a cocktail from their breath. Two ounces of weed were also found in the vehicle, police said. They were each accused of deserting and jeopardizing a child and each had a bond adding up to $7,500. They posted bail that very day.

Photo: Photo: Odessa Police Department

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