NY Father Arrested For Being Maskless At Son’s Baseball Game Is Acquitted

Chad Hummel, an attorney, was facing up to 90 days in jail and professional licensing consequences. He was acquitted last week after a four-hour bench trial before Judge Joseph J. Valentino.  

Hummel plans to sue the district over the incident and its decision to ban the father from district property, which threatened to keep Hummel from his son’s graduation ceremony. 

The charges against Hummel arose from an incident where he was standing alone in a field, hundreds of feet from anyone while maskless.

He was approached by security guard and ordered to leave his son’s game.  

The Blaze reports:

"Following his acquittal, Hummel said in a statement he plans to sue East Irondequoit Central School District, which had banned him from school property and prevented him from attending his son's graduation at Eastridge High School...
Days after the arrest, the school district sent a letter signed by Superintendent Mary Grow to Hummel informing him that he was "prohibited from entering or remaining anywhere on East Irondequoit Central School District property or attending school district events from May 3, 2021 until June 30, 2021."
The ban period extended past the date of his son's graduation ceremony.
In previous statements to the Daily Wire, Hummel had demanded a public apology from the school district and the resignations of several officials, including the superintendent. But it appears he's changed his mind since being acquitted of the criminal charges.
“Mr. Hummel has been previously quoted as stating that, ‘[he] would accept a public apology, some resignations and a change to the school code of conduct’ in lieu of monetary damages,” the statement continued. “Now that the District sought to criminalize him, damage his professional career and hurt his family, he‘s reconsidering.”

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